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Meet the new standard

The new updated MiniBooster is ready as a standard CO2 rack on stock!

The MiniBooster is one of our absolute bestsellers with more than 1,000 MiniBoosters produced. Now it’s time to set a new standard. So, we did.

Better product – still MiniBooster, but better

Easier process – shorter lead time than ever

With the new standard everything about the MiniBooster will be ultra-compact:

The ordering process, the size, the noise, the price, the delivery time and the time spend on start-up.

Meet the new standard here

It all began with a good idea

Advansor is based on the main idea to use CO2 in refrigeration in order to fight global warming. Now we’re one of the world leaders in natural refrigeration. We’re obliged to continuously push the limits. Because it matters.

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We see the United Nations’ Global Goals as the guiding star for Advansor. We’re especially driven by goal number 13 – Climate Action – and it’s a natural part of Advansor’s DNA.

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