We’ve taken the best of two worlds. Our popular training courses have gone online. We offer basis technical knowledge about CO2 and fill you in on the best practice. We focus on “how to” and you’ll learn about Advansor’s CO2 racks – without getting your hands dirty.




We will cover


How to find, read and understand our different technical documentation

> How to access​ (manuals, diagrams and lists)​
> PI-diagram – Advansor standard
> BOM - what can you find in it​
> Electrical diagram
> Compressor calc​


The function/design of the discharge side on the rack and focus points during installation

> Main Components on discharge side - PI walkthrough
> MT Discharge Safety - troubleshooting on compressor errors
> Gas Cooler - sensor placement, air around gascooler
> High Pressure Valve
> Gas Ejector - how its controlled


The function/design of gasbypass valve/IT compressor and liquid line of the rack and how they influence each other

> Main Components - PI Walkthrough
> Receiver - regulation /GPV
> IT Compressor/AC - oil challenges and solution
> Liquid Line
> How is it controlled
> Liquid Injection


The function/design and commissioning of the heat recovery. How to get the highest possible benefit from heat recovery.

> PI walkthrough,
> Relevant on site “need to know”
> How does it work - what to be aware of as contractor/system designer
> How to communicate with the controller - Signals from/to


How are the LT compressors working, how is the LT desuperheater working, and why is it important for some installations.

> Main Components - PI walkthrough 
> LT line
> Heat Exchanger in receiver
> De Superheater
> Hot gas dump
> Hot gas Defrost


How to prepare for commissioning

> Easiest way to evacuate,
> How is Advansor oil system working,
> How to fill oil in different platforms, CUBIG, Steel(X), ValuePack, MiniBooster
> Sensors in oil system
> Gas filling


How to commission an Advansor system

> Evaporator check
> Gas cooler
> I/O test
> Gas filling
> Liquid filling/leakage test of EEV


How to service Advansor rack. What to wear in your toolbox/Order beforehand.

> Filter change oil
> Filter change Drier
> Materials to bring, what to be aware of
> Is the unit performing well


How to work with Advansor Aftersales. An explanation about our Service Level & how we can support you.

> Organisation/structure worldwide – Opening hours office/phone/mail
> How to handle warranty cases (webformular) – handling time before shipment etc.
> Technical service – Phone and mail. ​
> Technical documentation – How to find it (manuals ect)​
> Commissioning – on hold – online help?​
> Spare parts


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