Distribution center obtains high energy efficiency refrigeration

Discount food retailer REMA 1000 uses SteelXL in their new warehouse for the delivery of goods to its shops in western Denmark.

Customer required high capacity, energy savings and alternative to ammonia.

Permanent magnets boost CO₂ efficiency on this system with almost 1 MW on a single frame.



End-user: Rema1000 distribution center (Reitan Distribution)
Segment: Refrigerated warehousing
Background: Customer required high capacity, energy savings and alternative to ammonia
Product: SteelXL

SteelXL brings high energy efficiency refrigeration to Rema1000 warehouse

Why the SteelXL is a perfect match

> High efficiency in a simple solution

> High capacity: 1 MW capacity on a single frame with this customized solution

> Energy saving: High suction pressure and permanent magnet motors

> Alternative to ammonia: Compressors with permanent magnets and other technological advancements are broadening the market for transcritical CO₂, enabling direct competition with ammonia for many industrial applications


> Efficiency boost of more than 10 percent compared to compressors with asynchronous induction motors

> With a capacity of 958 kW on a single frame and a physical size of 9 x 1,2 m, the rack is among the world’s first transcritical CO2 systems in the 1 MW class

> A non-toxic natural refrigerant solution

A system like this is standard for us. But for this project we built the biggest compound system in company history. Kenneth Madsen, Business Development Director, Advansor