Spanish supermarket gets sustainable and reliable solution even at high temperatures

Spanish retailer uses ValuePack in supermarkets even at high temperatures (40 °C).

With a more sustainable profile and stable operation, all new installations will be with CO2 as a refrigerant, instead of HFC.



End-user: Supermarket in Spain
Segment: Supermarket / retail
Background: Switch because of a more sustainable profile and challenges with HFC systems
Product: ValuePack



ValuePack cools supermarkets for Spanish retailer

Why the ValuePack is a perfect match

Suits every discount and medium-size supermarket

> Prepared to work faultless and stable in very high temperatures due to the design of the installation

> Racks could easily be installed in a machinery room in the basement due to the narrow design and compact height

Easy and fast to commission – basically plug and play due to the full factory programming


Future-proof installations for narrow spaces

Efficient indoor gas cooler solutions

> Good performance in high ambient temperatures

> All new installations will be equipped with CO2 as natural refrigerant

The on-site training from Advansor was really impressive and the start-up easy and fast Macool