Scandic Hell Reduces energy consumptions by 63% using a Heat Pump

Buildings like hotels with complex systems for heating and cooling,​ and with large consumption of hot water can typically save large amounts on energy consumption when implementing combined heating and cooling solutions. 

Hot water typically accounts for 40-70 % of a hotel’s total energy usage, with two peaks, during the early morning and late evening.

By utilizing the excess heat from cooling to hot water and room heating, huge energy savings can be obtained, as well as the installation costs as no gas boiler is needed. 



Segment: Hotel
End-user: Scandic Hell Hotel
Installer: Kelvin AS
Background: Reducing energy consumptions
Product: SteelX 4x0 and Chiller Module

44% of younger guests prefer environmentally friendly hotels

Advansor originally started building heat pumps and has extensive experience in this type of racks. Besides, it is a very sustainable solution using the natural refrigerant CO2 that stays contained within the appliance and doesn’t get released into the atmosphere. 

And as there is no need for for instance a gas boiler or similar the use of fossil fuels can be reduced.


> Combined cooling, heating, and air-con solution with Heat Recovery​,  Chiller Module​ and water cooled gas cooler

> Heat storage provides a buffer to cover excess demand during peak times​

> CO2 is an ideal natural working fluid for heat pump systems and commercial refrigeration​

> Lower energy usage, lower costs, and less impact

> SteelX​ heat pump


63% reduction in energy consumptions for heating and cooling the first two years. For an average hotel, this represents a 44% reduction in total electricity usage.

Phasing out fossil fuels - no oil or gas boiler needed.