Simple design. Easy to service. Value for money.


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Well-proven and tested

ValuePack is our customer’s all-time favourite with more than 4,000 racks delivered. It has continuously been developed, optimised and improved over the past 10 years.


We have developed and patented our own unique receiver design. Unlike many others, our receiver has built-in suction accumulator and coil providing better protection against liquid from compressors, including liquid slugging. This translates into a safe and high-quality system with high operational reliability and longer lifetime.




130 bar as standard

Like all other Advansor solutions, ValuePack is designed for 130 bar as a standard, and thereby provide you with extra capacity and safety, for instance during hot summers.

Without any extra cost you get:

> Up to 13% higher capacity in warm climates

> Higher safety due to capacity buffer

> Up to 7% higher COP in heat pump applications




Flexible and compact design

The design is optimized with compressors in only one layer, the electrical panel above and the receiver left to the compressors. Combined with the use of K65 piping, this leads to a very simple, flexible and compact design.

The compact and low-profile design gives easy access to small format stores and machine rooms where space is tight. The narrow width of only 790 mm makes sure it can go through normal door openings.


Full climate solution

ValuePack can be delivered as a complete climate solution combining cooling, freezing, air-conditioning & heating into one system.

With the Heat Recovery option, ValuePack uses the excess heat from the cooling process to produce high quality heat for comfort heating, hot tap water, process heating, or even for selling to the grid. You get heating almost for free, higher energy efficiency as no heat is wasted, and you avoid using fossil fuels like gas.

If Heat Recovery cannot cover the entire heating demand, it is also possible to add a heat pump function.


High energy efficiency

Despite its compact size, ValuePack still offers a number of energy saving options

> Parallel Compression – less compressor capacity needed – 5% COP increase

> Cylinder Unloading Technology - lower part load - 5% COP increase

> Permanent Magnet Motors – lower losses and improved motor & compressor efficiency -     5% COP increase

> Low Superheat – increases evaporation temperature by 4-5 Kelvin – minimum 10%                 energy savings


  • Standard equipment
  • Frequency Inverter on MT1
    Patented Receiver Design
    Integrated Coil
    Integrated Suction Accumulator
    Filter Drier in Oil System
    Oil Separator
  • Controllers available
  • Danfoss

  • Standard design pressures
  • High Pressure: 130 bar
    Receiver Pressure: 60 bar
    MT Suction Pressure: 52 bar
    LT Suction Pressure: 30 bar

  • Options available
  • Heat Recovery
  • Heat Pump Function
  • Aircondition Patented Solution
  • Low Superheat
  • Cylinder Unloading Technology
  • Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Parallel Compression
  • Frequency Inverter on LT1
  • CE-marked Pressure Relief Valves Manifold
  • Double Pressure Relief Valves on Changeover Valve
  • Double High Pressure and Gas Bypass Valves
  • Energy Meter
  • Liquid Level Transmitter
  • Low Level Switch
  • 60 Bar Suction Side
  • Receiver Design Pressure Uplift to 80 Bar
  • Extra Receiver on module
  • Emergency Cooling Unit with CO2
  • Insulation on Discharge Side
  • Gas Cooler Bypass Changeover Valve
  • Emergency Stop
  • Enclosure for Outdoor Installation (45 degrees ambient)
  • Enclosure with Integrated Gas Cooler