Gas Coolers

> One supplier
> One shipment
> High quality selection
> Fast Delivery


Gas Cooler Fact Sheet

One Supplier


  • We take full responsibility for dimensioning​

    • Capacity​

    • Performance​

  • Warranty on whole solution​

  • One documentation package​

  • One point of contact​ 

One shipment


  • One shipment on-site

  • Only one crane needed  

  • Flexible placement on roof or ground



Fast delivery


  • Standard models on stock

  • One supplier



High quality selection


  • 130 bar as standard 

  • Electrical panel prepared for correct gas cooler electrical load

  • Possibility for wide range of options



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  • Standard equipment
  • 130 bar
    Epoxy coated fins
    Fins 0,15 mm
    Fins spacing 2,1 mm
    EC fans
    Maintenance switch per fan
    Wiring box
    400V/3P/50Hz or 230V/1P/50Hz
    Low pressure drop

    Fits racks up to CuBig II
  • Options available
  • Water spray system
    Fan full speed override
    Extended legs
    Brackets for horizontal air-flow

    For special options like hinged fans, integrated desuperheater
    coil or integrated false load evaporator for heat pump
    functionality, please contact Advansor.