> More indoor space
> One supplier
> Reliable & durable
> Solid & robust design


Enclosures Fact Sheet

More indoor space


  • No need for machine room

  • Smaller building possible

  • No interference with existing building structures

  • More space for production, service, or selling

  • Possible to use existing building while retrofitting

One supplier


  • One delivery
  • Warranty on whole solution
  • One documentation package
  • One point of contact



Reliable & durable


Active Cooling​

  • Increased reliability at high ambient temperatures 
  • Ensure protection of electronics by keeping temperature below 35 degrees
  • Low noise level
  • Extended lifetime of components 
  • No filters to replace
  • High level of corrosion resistance of the rack
  • Rack mounted inside the enclosure from factory


Solid & robust design


  • Solid welded and galvanised steel base frame
  • High level of corrosion resistance 
  • No further protection​ needed
  • Lift anywhere on frame with forklift or crane – ground or rooftop
  • No supporting beams needed when lifting
  • Hinged front access doors and door stops – easy access to components and electrical panel with increased safety
  • Bitum covered roof - extra protection for water and snow

Save time on-site


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  • Standard equipment
  • Rack mounted inside enclosure from factory
    Fully factory tested and assembled
    Active cooling
    Weatherproof roof
    Solid welded and galvanized steel base frame
    Holes for forklift and lifting eyes in base frame
    50 mm insulation
  • Prepared for easy cable installation in base frame
    Flexible pipe penetration for installation
    Hinged front access doors & door stops
    Double doors
    Removable panels
    Drain holes