Every breath exhaled by an average person contains 3-4% CO2. Ours probably contains more because we live and breathe to use CO2 in sustainable cooling and heating systems. We do this because we help make a difference to the climate and our customers’ economic performance.

It all began with a good idea: we decided to use CO2 in climate solutions and to combat global warming. We have made our vision a reality: We design and produce the world’s best sustainable CO2 climate solutions.

CO2 is often associated with global warming. However, we don’t lose our cool. Literally. Because CO2 is the most climate-friendly refrigerant:

> It’s non-toxic

> It doesn’t affect the ozone layer

> It does not contribute to global warming

> It’s very energy-efficient

That’s why we are ’cool with CO2


Pioneering growth venture

When Advansor was established in 2006, CO2 technology was extremely complex. This kick-started our innovative, pioneering growth venture.

Today, as a market-leading OEM manufacturer, we have built CO2 systems for supermarkets and industrial customers around the world.

Advansor Growth curve 2022 EN


> Established in 2006

> Head office in Denmark

> Production at our own factories in Denmark and Poland

> Customers in over 30 countries

> More than 250 employees of 20 different nationalities

> Over 10,000 systems manufactured

> 18 of Europe’s top 20 retailers install transcritical CO2 systems from Advansor

> Part of the Dover Corporation

> The broadest product portfolio entirely on CO2