Advansor Emergency Cooling Unit with CO2 (2)

Emergency Cooling Unit With CO2

Watch the amazing transformation from old to new
Cool with CO2

One single refrigerant

CO2 as a refrigerant has no effect on the climate or environment, and Advansor's strong focus on developing energy efficient systems provides the lowest possible energy consumption. 

Our core competence is purely CO2.

A sustainable and compact Emergency Cooling Unit

The Emergency Cooler prevents your system from losing the refrigerant as it keeps pressure on the system if the rack stops due to an emergency.

The new Advansor CO2 -based Emergency Cooler ensures a solution with natural refrigerants that makes sure to reduce your CO2 footprint and making sure you can reach your climate action goals. Not harmful, non-toxic, non-flammable - pure CO2 solution.

It is very compact and fitted directly to the receiver, and thereby very easy to install. Everything is kept inside the rack frame and fully factory tested, saving time on-site. This also means that it is easy to transport and fits in an enclosure.

Plug & Play


The emergency cooler is directly attached to the receiver for fast and easy installation and it is now possible to install the unit in an enclosure. Runs on UPS, 230 V and low power supply. What's not to like.


Design temperature 150°C

Design pressure 130 bar

Power supply:

  • 230V/1 phase + N + PE/50-60Hz (TN-S system)
  • 230V/2 phase + PE/50-60Hz (TN-S system)

Circuit breaker fuse: 10 Amp.

Rated current: 1.8 Amp

Power consumption in operation: 400 W


Natural refrigerant Emergency Cooling Unit

  • One single refrigerant CO2
  • Sustainable solution
  • Does not harm the environment, is non- flammable and non-toxic

Compact Plug & Play solution

  • Directly attached to the receiver
  • No connections save installation time on-site
  • 230 V installation
  • Runs on UPS
  • Low power supply

Integrated Rack Design

  • Easy installation and transportation
  • Possible to install in enclosure and does not emit heat

Patent Pending


*The Emergency Cooling Unit is exclusively sold together with an Advansor rack ValuePack (with oil separator), ValuePack II, CuBig or SteelX/XL.

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