We see the United Nations’ Global Goals as our guiding star. We’re especially driven by goal number 13 – Climate Action – and it’s a natural part of our DNA. Our aim is to be CO2 neutral manufacturer and workplace by 2025.

Letter from our CEO

Sustainability and economic growth can be reconciled. Advansor is a successful proof of that. Our next ambitious goals are to be carbon neutral in 2025– at latest – and to double revenue in the short run.  The better we succeed - the better for the climate.


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Advansor and sustainabilty

Sustainability is part of our DNA and we have  a clear mission: We design and produce the world's best  sustainable climate solutions combining cooling, freezing, air-con and heating using only the natural refrigerant CO2

Watch our videos on how you can implement sustainability in practice - from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to natural refrigerants.


We have paved the way

We have always focused exclusively on CO2, and we will continue to do so in the future and for our future. We have a wide range of products based on this one natural refrigerant. We manufacture our own systems in Denmark, where our unique hallmark is close collaboration between design and production. We have an international set-up for servicing customers in over 30 countries.

We have paved the way for the commercial distribution of CO2 climate solutions, and we are proud to deliver sustainable systems with advanced technology at competitive prices.

We see the United Nations’ Global Goals as the guiding star for Advansor. We’re especially driven by goal number 13 – Climate Action – and it’s a natural part of Advansor’s DNA.

Our driving forces are technology, knowledge and a desire to win – both as a team and in close partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Why natural refrigerants 

Cooling and heating are vital for our modern society. Sustainable cooling and heating are vital for sustainable development. Without that, we cannot achieve the UN Goals.

All climate systems need a refrigerant to move heating and cooling from one place to another. However, some refrigerants might harm the climate and/or the environment.

HFCs might not deplete the ozone layer but have a very high global warming potential (GWP). For instance, R404a has a GWP of 4000 kg CO2. 1 kg of R404a equals driving 30.000 km in a VW Passat. 

HFOs, on the other hand, do have a low global warming potential, but due to the fluoride compositions, those refrigerants are destroying the atmosphere, depleting the ozone layer, and polluting our groundwater.

Natural refrigerants like CO2 are the only refrigerants that are non-toxic, do not destroy the ozone layer, do not harm our drinking water, and have a global warming potential of 1.

Looking at the Drawdown Project, Refrigeration Management and Alternative Refrigerants are among the 10 most important factors to reduce emissions globally. It has a larger impact than tropical forest restoration, onshore wind turbines, and recycling. And the solutions are available Today.

Cool With CO2

CO2 is often associated with global warming. However, we don’t lose our cool. Literally. Because CO2 is the most climate-friendly refrigerant:

> It’s non-toxic

> It doesn’t affect the ozone layer

> It does not contribute to global warming

> It’s very energy-efficient

That’s why we are ’cool with CO2

Sustainability is our guiding star

We see the United Nations’ Global Goals as the guiding star for Advansor. Climate Action is a part of our DNA and core business. Besides that, we are actively working on further three of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

TheGlobalGoals_Icons_Color_Goal_6We want to protect our groundwater. Our main contribution is to offer cooling / heating systems that can compete with the latest chemical refrigerants (HFO), which are being investigated for polluting drinking water.

TheGlobalGoals_Icons_Color_Goal_7Cooling and air conditioning use a lot of energy. The energy efficiency of refrigeration racks with CO2 has historically never been better, and we strive for our racks to match or outmatch racks with non-natural refrigerants. Our ISO quality system also covers energy management.


TheGlobalGoals_Icons_Color_Goal_12We’re “doing more with less”. We’re lowering our total environmental impact by reduction of packaging and sorting and collection of surplus material from production. Our responsible initiatives in our production facilities are e.g., that soldering is done with locally produced hydrogen, and that internal transport vehicles are electric.


TheGlobalGoals_Icons_Color_Goal_13Refrigerants play a major role in the fight against climate changes. We make the greatest impact with our core output – the world's best sustainable refrigeration systems, using CO2 as a refrigerant.

ISO 50001

We are proud to be certified according to ISO 50001 within the scope of designing, producing, and selling CO2 climate solutions.
The aim is to increase energy efficiency by 10% yearly. Implementing Energy Management is an important step for us towards achieving our goal to be carbon neutral in 2025 and helping our customers
fulfil their climate actions goals. ISO 50001 Certificate

Race To Zero

We are a proud member of the Race to Zero where all members are committed to the same goal: reducing emissions, across all scopes, swiftly and fairly in line with the Paris Agreement, with transparent action plans and robust near-term targets. 

The Climate Pledge

We are proud signatory of The Climate Pledge. We want to commit to achieving net-zero annual carbon emissions. Not in 2040 or 2030 - but in 2025.

No to PFAS

We are proud signatory of “No to PFAS”, an initiative under the PFAS Movement initiated by the environmental NGO Chemsec.

We say “yes” to natural refrigerants like CO2 because of our commitment to sustainability.

People, planet and profit

We have a newly build headquarter with 10,000 sqm with production, offices, labs and customer training center.

It’s a result of global priorities where we balance economic growth, environmental protection, and healthy working conditions.

We strive towards becoming CO2 neutral in 2025 at latest. In order to achieve that, our buildings are essential. Our new headquarter and factory in Aarhus is built as a low energy business building. Heating is done by CO2 neutral district heating and air conditioning is with CO2 cooling.

sustainability at Advansor

To us a healthy working environment is a very important part of sustainability. That’s why we invested in electrical trucks, hydrogen soldering, massive soundproofing, and the most efficient extraction on the market.

Every step in the right direction matters when it comes to sustainability. We sort the litter in one place instead of having a litter bin at every desk. We prioritize easy access for bikers, runners, or pedestrians. With fitness room and showers, it’s very easy to incorporate exercise in the daily rhythm. And we made living easy for those driving electric or hybrid cars with chargers in 20% of our parking spaces.

And we enjoy having a canteen that serves us healthy, local, sustainable food every day.

Of course, there are a lot of things that we don’t even notice on daily basis. Such as CO2 neutral heating, bee friendly planting and cradle-to-cradle certified carpets. It feels the same but makes a world of difference.

Many of the ideas for a sustainable working environment were co-created with employees. That’s how #weareadvansor works in everyday life.

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