The better we succeed - the better for the climate

We see the United Nations’ Global Goals as the guiding star for Advansor. We’re especially driven by goal number 13 – Climate Action – and it’s a natural part of Advansor’s DNA.

We make the greatest impact with our core output – the world's best sustainable climate solutions, using CO2 as a refrigerant.

Advansor is based on the main idea to use CO2 as a refrigerant in order to fight global warming. Now we’re one of the world leaders in natural refrigeration. We’re obliged to continuously push the limits. Because it matters.

Cooling and heating is the foundation of a modern society. The rest of the world should have that opportunity too. It’s not sustainable to use cooling and heating in the form we've done so far, since it harms the climate and the environment too much.

Climate systems typically affects the climate in two main ways. The release of refrigerants and the energy used to power the  system.

CO2 as a refrigerant has no effect on the climate or environment, and Advansor's strong focus on developing energy efficient systems provides the lowest possible energy consumption.

There is no doubt that the chemical refrigerants are contributing tremendously to global warming. The best alternative is to use natural refrigerants.

Refrigerant management and alternative refrigerants can cut over 100Gt of greenhouse gases by 2050 – almost twice what all nations generated in 2018, according to Project Drawdown’s new data.

Some people debate whether these initiatives are the most important or “only” among the ten most important factors to reverse global warming. We do not spend time on that. The solution is here now!

In my opinion, we should only use natural refrigerants in the future – starting today. That's why we only offer CO2 systems and nothing else. We extend our technology, knowledge and experience to many markets, segments and applications where CO2 is the best choice.

Sustainability and economic growth can be reconciled. Advansor is a successful proof of that. Our next ambitious goals are to be carbon neutral in 2025– at latest – and to double revenue in the short run.
The better we succeed - the better for the climate.

Kristian Breitenbauch
CEO, Advansor