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We know CO2 by heart, and we have gained rock solid experience from designing and producing more than 16,000 racks. We offer you our expertise, best practice and training, so you can become “Cool with CO2”.

We share knowledge and experience through various sources: webinars, online trainings and 2-day courses in our state-of-the-art training center.

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Join us online and let’s give you greater insights into how CO2 can make a difference for economic performance and the climate.

You will learn about some of our customers challenges and solutions to cooling, freezing and heating.

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We’ve taken the best of two worlds. Our popular training courses have gone online. We offer basis technical knowledge about CO2 and fill you in on the best practice. We focus on “how to” and you’ll learn about Advansor’s CO2 racks – without getting your hands dirty.

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Visit Advansor’s training center for a 2-day course packed with theoretical knowledge and practical training.

You won’t gain experience with CO2 racks by looking at manuals. This is a course where you’ll get your hands dirty. You’ll be guided through real working situations and gain know-how of the functions and structure of Advansor’s CO2 racks.

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START-UP PACKAGE with training

Starting up an Advansor rack is fast and easy. So easy that we call it plug & play. When your rack is delivered on-site it is already:

  • Tested from factory including full I/O test
  • Controllers programmed to site specific conditions

If you have limited experience with CO2 , want to save time on future installations or you need lower energy consumption, we can offer you our commissioning start-up package including training.

Start-Up & Commissioning with Training

How To web-min

How To Do With CO2

We have created several "How-to" videos such as learning how to charge refrigerant or even replacing the filter insert in the oil separator. Those videos are simple to follow and will help you to service your Advansor racks in the best way possible.


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“That Advansor shares their knowledge is very important for us to increase our level of knowledge. This means that we, together with our customers, can develop the CO2 installations to become more efficient.” Marcus Lindqvist, CEO, LL-Kylteknik Kristianstad