Advansor and Sustainability

ADVANSOR AND SUSTAINABILITY At Advansor we strive to design and produce the best sustainable CO2 climate solutions. CO2 climate solutions combine cooling, freezing, air-con and heating into one system. Cooling and heating are vital for our modern society. We need it to keep food fresh, store data and medicine and provide comfort heating. However, a climate system needs a refrigerant - a fluid ...

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United Nation SDG as the guiding star

United Nation SDG as the guiding star The United Nation Sustainable Development Goals are the most ambitious goals ever agreed in the world and we are obliged to make the world a better place for us. Without sustainable cooling and heating we cannot reach the UN SDG, and we actively work on four of the Goals: Goal 13 Climate action is key and with our cooling and heating systems we combat global ...

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Sustainability in Practice

SUSTAINABILITY IN PRACTICE What are we doing at Advansor in terms of sustainability? When it comes to sustainability, we are not only talking about it, but we put it in action and include it in our office life. We have put a lot of thought into it – started before building this very office. Sustainability is part of our DNA and we help our customers to fulfill their climate action goals as well. ...

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Climate solutions

Chapter 4: Climate solutions Most people think that cooling and heating need to be different systems. Nothing could be more wrong. By having separate cooling and heating systems a lot of energy is wasted every day. We need to increase the overall energy efficiency, and we do that by reducing waste. A climate solution combines cooling, freezing, air-con and heating in one solution. We need to stop ...

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The Impact of refrigerants

THE IMPACT OF REFRIGERANTS When we combine cooling and heating into one system, we eliminate the need for fossil fuels. We also lower energy consumption. Moving heating and cooling from one place to another requires a refrigerant. Refrigerants are among the top 10 key factors to reduce emissions globally. It has a larger impact than tropical forest restoration, onshore wind turbines, and ...

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Stop burning things to stay warm

Stop burning things to stay warm We need to stop burning things to stay warm. For the benefit of the climate and the environment. In EU, 50% of all energy is used for cooling or heating. Therefore, we need to combine cooling and heating in one climate system, so we do not waste energy. And the solutions are available today. Option 1 - Climate solutions combining cooling and heating With an ...

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Climate Solutions

Combined cooling, freezing, headting and air-con solutions eliminate the need for gas or oil.