The Impact of refrigerants


When we combine cooling and heating into one system, we eliminate the need for fossil fuels. We also lower energy consumption.

Moving heating and cooling from one place to another requires a refrigerant. 

Refrigerants are among the top 10 key factors to reduce emissions globally. It has a larger impact than tropical forest restoration, onshore wind turbines, and recycling. So, refrigerants can support reaching the UN SDG. 

However, most refrigerants used today are HFCs or HFOs. The F stands for fluor. It could also stand for Forever Chemicals. They contain fluoride compositions and therefore pollute our drinking water. The latest research shows high concentration of harmful PFAS/PFOS in our groundwater.  

But it does not have to be that way. Instead of F we could use CO2 – the same stuff we use in sparkling water. 

All Advansor climate solutions are based on the natural refrigerant CO2. It does not deplete the ozone layer, it is non-toxic, and it does not harm our drinking water.   

The solutions are available today.

It is also commonly agreed that the goal is to limit global warming to at least 1.5 degrees Celsius. 

HFCs have a high global warming potential. For instance, R404 has a GWP of 4,000 kg C02   Only 1 kg equals driving 30,000 km in a family car. (Hexagon with HFO GWP 4,000 kg) 

Even more recent refrigerants like HFOs are among the for ever chemical. They might have a low global warming potential, but due to the fluoride compositions, those refrigerants are polluting our groundwater. Natural refrigerants like CO2  -are the only refrigerants that have a global warming potential of only 1, do not harm our drinking water, and are non-toxic. CO2 are used for sparkling water. 

All Advansor climate solutions are based on the natural refrigerant CO2. Solutions available Today. 

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