United Nation SDG as the guiding star

United Nation SDG as the guiding star

The United Nation Sustainable Development Goals are the most ambitious goals ever agreed in the world and we are obliged to make the world a better place for us. 

Without sustainable cooling and heating we cannot reach the UN SDG, and we actively work on four of the Goals: 

Goal 13 Climate action is key and with our cooling and heating systems we combat global warming by removing the chemical refrigerants. 

Goal 6 Clean water. Our cooling and heating solutions are based on natural refrigerants only and are competitive against systems using HFO refrigerants, which are under investigation for harming our drinking water. 

Goal 7 Clean Energy. Cooling and heating use massive amounts of energy and we design our systems to be highly energy efficient, so we don’t waste energy. Energy efficiency is key in reducing energy consumption and has an immediate effect. 

Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production. As one of the largest producers of sustainable systems we are obliged to ensure that our own production has very high standards, a good work environment and overall focus on energy consumption  

Advansor is a proof that sustainability and strong financial results and a good and safe workplace can go hand in hand. 

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