Sustainability in Practice


What are we doing at Advansor in terms of sustainability? 

When it comes to sustainability, we are not only talking about it, but we put it in action and include it in our office life.

We have put a lot of thought into it – started before building this very office. 

Sustainability is part of our DNA and we help our customers to fulfill their climate action goals as well. 

  • Our employees and visitors can charge electrical cars and bikes for free. 
  • We only chose curtains, carpets and chairs that are ecological and climate neutral. 
  • Our low energy building is heated by carbon neutral heating and our AC system is based on CO2. 
  • And if we take a closer look in production, there is so much we can do. 
  • Every day we work on minimizing waste in production - for instance we receive compressors without wrapping. 
  • We use hydrogen soldering and improve the working environment for our employees. No uncomfortable smell or toxic chemicals. 
  • We use most efficient and sustainable extraction available on the market. The design has been in cooperation with employees to adjust to their needs and best working schedule. 
  • We only use electrical trucks for internal transportation. 
  • Our canteen is 80% ecological and aims at zero food waste. 
  •  Even our webpage is CO2 Neutral.

You are more than welcome to visit us in our facilities – not only to showcase the racks but also to inspire with sustainable solutions for office and production facilities.

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