Fish Auction Hall sells 600 kW a day
to district heating



End-user: Thyborøn Fish Auction
Segment: Processing plant
Background: Shift to natural refrigerants
Products: SteelX with heat recovery, chiller module and permanent magnet motors


> Thyborøn Fish Auction, Denmark

> Was using R404 (GWP 3922) and R22 (GWP 1810) and wanted to 
   shift to natural refrigerants to become more sustainable

> Needed a full climate solution for cooling, freezing and heating




385 kW cooling
> Keeping 0°C at auction area
> Utilizing 2.500 L buffer capacity for equalization of demand

40 kW freezing 
> 690 m3 freezing rooms  -18°C
> Flake ice machine producing 7.000 kg ice a day

450 kW heat recovery 
> 100 kW for washing
> Defrosting of silent coolers 
> Utilizing 2.500 L buffer capacity

Selling heat to the district heating grid
> On average 600 kWh a day
> Peaks up to 2.15 MWh 

Sustainability Award


By utilising the surplus heat and streamlining energy consumption for the refrigeration system, the port’s total carbon emissions are expected to be reduced by 26.72 tonnes CO2e.

Calculations show that about 600,000 kWh of heat can be extracted from the cooling system each year. This is more than the heating used annually to heat the office environment at Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S and the box washing facility at the Port of Thyboron. The port has therefore made an agreement with Thyborøn Fjernvarme that the surplus heat which the port cannot utilise can be added into the district heating network.

In addition to reducing the total carbon emissions of the Port of Thyboron and the fish auction by 26.72 tonnes CO2e annually, and providing 100% carbon-neutral heating for Danske Fiskeauktioner A/S and the box washing facility in Thyboron, utilisation of the surplus heat is expected to reduce Thyborøn Fjernvarme’s consumption of wood chips by 2.3% and provide green carbon-neutral heating for citizens in Thyboron.

Operations Manager Erling Jensen from Thyborøn Fjernvarme expects the waste heat from the cooling system to be able to meet around 3% of the heat demand in Thyboron – supplying the consumption fishing centre and the box washing facility, as well as 10 single-family houses. Thyborøn Fjernvarme expects to be able to reduce its consumption of wood chips by 12 truckloads each year using this initiative.

The project has won the Sustatinability Award 2022 from Danish Habours.