Sveg Curlinghall gets great performance and 50% less energy consumption

Sveg Curlinghall has used SteelX and Chiller Module to their ice arena.

It was to be renovated and equipped with new sustainable and well-performing CO2 based refrigeration and a chiller module designed for glycol brine.



End-user: Sveg Curlinghall
Segment: Ice rink
Background: Renovation and new refrigeration system
Product: SteelX with Chiller Module



Only two days after the installation of SteelX and the Chiller Module, the curling arena was iced again


Why the SteelX is a perfect match

The SteelX comes as a robust rack with ultrahigh quality

> The Chiller Modules provide a modular and compact solution and a flexible and easy installation

Combined solution with CO2 as the natural refrigerant and secondary glycol brine system with the Chiller Module


Increased stability within the temperature of the ice

The temperature in the room stays consistently at +5°C which is +7 degrees higher than before

> The most successful achievement a year after installation is the immensely reduced energy consumption of 50%

The performance is extraordinary. The energy consumption is now 50% lower Erik Olaf Bergmann, Technical manager at Sveg Curlinghall