Aarhus Ice Rink realises total energy savings
of 50%

The City of Aarhus is keen to reduce the energy consumption in all its buildings.

At the indoor ice rink, they decided to go for the best solution – CO2 with direct expansion.

In order to install the CO2 pipes, the floor had to be replaced. This not only meant that the energy consumption could be reduced. The best ice quality can be assured by stabilising the temperature across the ice.
The set point temperatures can also be changed very easily and quickly depending on the type of activity performed on the ice rink.


End-user: Aarhus Municipality, Denmark
Segment: Ice rink
Customer: Multi Køl & Energi A/S
Background: Lowering energy consumption
Product: SteelX  + Pump Module
Cooling capacity: 405 kW at -6°C
COP: 2.8


SteelX improves
ice quality by stabilising the temperature
across the
entire surface

Why SteelX is a perfect match

An ammonia chiller system with brine was used before – but performance was inefficient

> The rack which has now been installed is equipped with a high-efficiency motor, a parallel compressor and high-pressure lift ejector to achieve the best possible energy efficiency


Total energy savings of 50% could be realised from new floor insulation, lighting, heating, ventilation as well as refrigeration solutions

Our new CO2 refrigeration solution from Advansor has met our expectations in every way. We have reduced our electricity consumption for the refrigeration system by 50%, while the heat recovery system has also reduced our district heating consumption. All in all, we are very happy. Nicolaj Kiilerich, Project Manager at the Department of Technical Services and Environment, City of Aarhus