Haukeland University Hospital gets natural and non-flammable air conditioning


Haukeland University Hospital wanted to shift to natural and non-flammable refrigeration.

The space in the machine room was extremely limited. Advansor showed up on site and adapted a solution to the machine room

It resulted in a compact design that meets space requirements and utilizes every square centimetre.



End-user: Haukeland University Hospital 
Segment: Hospital
Customer: Therma Bergen
Background: Air conditioning
Product: SteelXL 8+2x0 parallel, 2,6 MW with Chiller Module, Heat Recovery and Gas Cooler







air conditioning








Why SteelXL is a perfect match

> Industrial rack with small footprint

> Large capacities and flexible design

> The low charge pr. kW made it attractive for location in the centre of the hospital

> The narrow design and modular solution added flexibility to transportation and placement

> Low CO2 filling results in smaller receiver, which reduces the footprint


> The rapid technological development made it possible to meet the customer’s requirements with CO2

> Advansor’s largest chiller solution to date - and fits on 6,5 x 5 metres. 

We appreciate that Advansor are solution-oriented and provide expertise and experience from such facilities. The need for high kW cold performance combined with the limited installation space the project was just on the limit of what is possible. However, the good cooperation between Advansor and Therma Bergen AS, resulted in a solution beneficial to both customer and end-user. Advansor's flexibility about construction and design made this project possible and we we've only got good to say about the cooperation. Pål H. Haukeland, Therma Bergen