Delhaize in Belgium improves sustainability and exploits heat and rooftop space

The Delhaize supermarket in Belgium has the first greenhouse in Europe on the top of a supermarket.

They use SteelX to create synergy between two ideas – an efficient store with CO2 installation that supplies the store and the Urban Farm with reclaimed heat.



End-user: Delhaize Belgium
Segment: Food retail
Background: Heat reclaimed from transcritical CO2 refrigeration system to heat retailer’s rooftop Urban Farm
Product: SteelX



Freezing and heating for supermarket and its rooftop Urban Farm

Why the SteelX is a perfect match

The customisable platform allows for the needed capacity functionality

> The narrow (only 800mm) rack frame makes installation easy

> Advanced heat recovery ensuring heat is recovered and used for the Urban Farm

Parallel compression is used to ensure high efficiency at reasonable cost


The SteelX delivers 100% of heating to the Urban Farm

Reclaiming heat from CO2 installations is used to heat stores and produce hot water

> By 2050, Delhaize is aiming to reduce emissions up to 70%

CO2 is the way to go David Schalenbourg, director of building projects, Delhaize Belgium