Liquefaction of CO2 saves 10,000 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere



End-user: Bright Biomethane B.V.
Segment: Processing plant
Background: Carbon capture from a biogas process and liquefaction of the CO2 in order to store it.
Products: CuBig with heat recovery



The carbon capture technology from Bright Renewables captures CO2 from a biogas process and converts it into liquid or gaseous CO2 which reduces CO2 emissions, resulting in better carbon intensity score.



  • CuBig 15 kW MT @ -5°C, 105 kW LT @ -35°C 
  • Heat recovery used for process heating
  • Emergency cooling unit with CO2

CO2 Circular economy

Carbon neutral – or even carbon negative? CO2 is increasingly viewed as an important raw material and part of a circular economy.

CO2 that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere can be captured directly from industrial processes and sold to meet the increasing market demand.

CO2 is not only the most climate friendly refrigerant for cooling and heating systems, but also widely used in everything from beverage production to growing tomatoes.