AF Gruppen uses SteelXL as part of plan to have 90 % renewable energy

For the 4,000 people who will eventually live in the area of ‘Vestre Billingstad’, the energy for their homes will be sourced from around 120 energy wells in the ground.

In total, the energy coverage will be 90% renewable. The development of the area will take place over a period of 10 years.



End-user: AF Gruppen
Segment: Energy Central
Customer: Winns AS
Background: Need for a heat pump with environmentally- and climate-friendly refrigerants in a project with several-stage expansion
Product: SteelXL 5x0 with Heat Recovery and Chiller Module






SteelXL will heat 1,650
apartments , starting
with 800 kW of heating



Why the SteelXL is a perfect match

> The need for several-stage expansion made a CO2 heat pump from Advansor a perfect solution due to low part load

> A medium-size heat pump at an attractive price

> 3-exchanger system specially adapted for tap water and space heating has resulted in the lowest possible energy consumption


> An environmentally- and climate-friendly solution with high COP

> Everything was built on the rack which reduced the work time and installation cost on site

Advansor has, with its expert knowledge, helped with calculations for many different scenarios to ensure the best possible result. The rack is linked to 22 sub-centres run by 4 different contractors with slightly different heating systems that required different calculations. This is the first rack with three heat exchangers that we have delivered together to improve the efficiency Throughout the engineering phase we had several meetings with the Advansor electrical department to ensure the right control system.The Advansor Aftersales has supported Winns fine tuning the rack after delivery. J Jon-Henning Frost VP Deliveries WINNS Naturlige kuldesystemer