Advansor‘s headquarter is cool with CO2


Advansor build a new headquarter with a focus on balancing economic growth, environmental protection and healthy working conditions.

We wanted climate friendly cooling and air-conditioning, and decided to be our own customers.

We chose a CuBig rack including a Chiller module. The chilled circuit is used for both office cooling and temperature control in our pressure test chamber.


End-user: Advansor
Segment: Industry
Background: Climate-friendly cooling solution for new headquarter
Product: CuBig & chiller module


CuBig cools offices and test facilities in Advansor’s headquarter

Why CuBig & CHILLER MODULE is a perfect match

> The composition in the standard unit with a chiller module allows us to supply chilled water that can be utilized in various installations

> Out of the natural refrigerants CO2 is the best solution when you want non-toxic and non-flammable air conditioning

> With CO2, indoor placement is possible


> Healthy indoor climate and increased comfort

> Climate friendly solution that matches corporate profile

> Increased productivity in warm periods